Monday, February 10, 2014

My February Julep Box - Spoiler Alert

My February Julep Box Arrived Today!

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

You know my husband knows me and loves me when he comes in with the mail, shaking my Julep Box, going,"Looky what you got!!!!"

Today I got my February Julep Maven box, and once again I was so thrilled with what I received! I receive the Classic with a Twist box. I was thinking of changing it but, there is no way now!
I just posted about Julep the other day but I wanted to share today's box, but it was especially good.
Besides my normal 2 polishes and a cosmetic or other beauty product they included another polish as Valentines Gift!!
It's called Love!! Sooo, personal note: My middle name is Love so it always thrills me. It's gorgeous, by the way.  Love is the color to the left.
This month my cosmetic is a gorgeous smokey plum Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow, Dusty Taupe Shimmer, I also got this pretty shimmer polish Greta, and blue cream, Octavia. Included was  a 2 for 1 polish coupon code. Interested??
Swatches as promised!

Julep Greta is a loganberry multidimensional micro glitter.
(classic with a twist)

Julep Octavia is a indigo crème
A true and beautiful blue, a good Sporting KC Blue.
(classic with a twist)

Julep Love is a full-coverage gold, pearl & fuchsia micro glitter.


  1. I love Julep polishes so much! Too bad I don't have enough money to sustain this addiction.

  2. I have a subscription to Cult Cosmetics nail polishes. I didn't see Julep until after I signed up. But I'm on the fence about Julep because of the shape of the bottle, and the fact that you don't get as much polish in the bottles. I've only gotten one box (Cult) so far, but I'm in love with it!