Julep End of Season Sale
Below are the daily secret words or phrase for the Giveaway!

I used a mix of words that remind me of Ireland and ones everyone associates with it.  :)

Good luck!

February 28:  Snakes
March 1:  Guinness
March 2:  Eire
March 3:  Peat
March 4:  Shamrock
March 5:  Ireland
March 6:  Saint
March 7: Cork City Rebel Army
March 8:  Patrick
March 9:  Gaelic
March 10:  Dublin
March 11:  Corn Beef
March 12:  Irish
March 13: Failte
March 14:  Kells
March 15:  Celtic
March 16: Tricolor
March 17:  My Island

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