Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3D Nail ART

3D Nail ART

Sculpted nails used to be synonymous with Acrylic nails. Now it's a whole new world or nail art that can start with you sculpting acrylic but not just into pretty natural looking nail shapes. Sculpted nails are now taking Nail Art to the next level. Acrylic manufacturers have developed slower setting acyclic products with lower viscosity to allow nail artists to sculpt beautiful creation on the nail bed.


 Flowers to pop art, you can find all kinds of amazing examples. Some are just subtle and surprising when your realize the design is in 3D. Some are stunning and wild, and hard to believe people can function with them on. 

But in the ever more elaborate nail art world,  Dhemere Ford and Sarah C. Awad, two NYU art students, calling themselves The Laser Girls are producing the easiest and coolest sculpted nail art in a press-on. Yes! A press on! "It seemed like every aspect of fashion was being 3D printing is being used in anything, and now thanks to these brilliant young women it's come to our world!!  Celebrities and fashion designer have using over the top 3D nail art to make a statement on the runways for a while. These girls are making the big statement available to everyone, everywhere. 


 I am out of my mind enthralled with this idea. Check them out on tumblr or at their shop!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Color Me So Crazy 1K Fan Giveaway

I have been given the chance to help celebrate a BIG Milestone with Color Me So Crazy. She didn't just hit 1000 blog followers lately she blew by it and she is celebrating!!
I am one of 38 bloggers, nail artists, and lacquer makers working with her to giveaway a huge amount of amazing prizes!!
Ok, so without further ado, your sponsors AND PRIZES!!
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Challenge Giveaway Form

Have you joined In Love and Lacquers first ever Nail Art Challenge?

If not Click here and find out how. It's open to everyone. I really would love to see as many takes on this weeks theme, "BOOKS", as possible. I will also feature the most Liked entry on Facebook.
Once you create and take picture of your manicure and send it to me then enter the Giveaway below.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

My Challenge Manicures

This weeks theme:


My first Nail Art Challenge Manicure!!

I love to Read!
I used OPI's Funny Bunny as a base with 3 coats.  Then I used 5 small pieces of newsprint and for each nail sock the paper in alcohol until it was saturated then, pressed into nail for 5-7 seconds. I accented the nails with a single read heart with Nubar's nail art pen Rubies.

Catching Fire

I tried to do this manicure based on Katniss' dress in Catching fire that was black like coal and then slowly spiraled into flames . I used Onyx Rush by Maybelline as the base then in progression added OPI Red, Pure Ice Coral Reef, Sally Hensens Diamonds, and Nubars nail art pen in Rubies and 14K a little more around the nail with each nail until the pinkie nail was all Fire. Not the neatest job but I really like the idea. Someone do this better please!!

Nail Art Challenge #1

Nail Art Challenge

Do you do a little dabbling in Nail Art on yourself or friends?  I hope so.  I love doing nail art and I love seeing other peoples work.

When customers come in and have a little something on their nails they did at home they always apologize and put their work down.  That kills me.  Usually it's pretty cute and I love that they are trying it for themselves.  Some times it gives me inspiration.   I love it.  I want to be inspired by you and hopefully inspire you a little too, In Love and Lacquer's Nail Art Challenges. 

For my nail art challenges I will give a theme, and through the week post my interpretations of the theme in nail art designs.  The Challenge is for you, my lovely readers, to use the theme yourselves to create your own nail art designs on your hands or a friends, take a quick picture of the nails and message it to me on Facebook or email it to me at shihlove@gmail.com. I will post all the art on our Facebook page in an Album for our Challenges. I will then pick my 3 favorites and a Facebook follower favorite(chosen my our fans) and feature them in a blog post and on Facebook.* Pictures will be posted on Facebook starting Monday January 27th, 2014 and Follower Favorite will be voted on Until Midnight Friday January 31, 2014.

Everyone who excepts the Challenge and creates and sends me a picture will be eligible for a rafflecopter drawing at the end of the challenge for a nail art set. *

Without further ado, Our First In Love and Lacquer Nail Art Challenge Theme is............................

*This challenge is for original, and inspired interpretations. If you are consciously copying someone else nail art you must credit the original designer if at all possible. If some is found to be claiming another's work as their own, they will be disqualified. (I will contact your first to ask about the conflict) .
*I will have prizes up for drawing beginning on  Monday, and will have rafflecopter giveaway live at the same time.