Monday, October 17, 2016

Posh to Meet You - When something good comes along

You guys may know as a nail tech I am almost as interested in the how and why of nail services as I am the ewws ans ahhs! I want my clients and well you to have healthy hands and feet as well as good services thay are worth them money. Hence, my obsession with hand creams!

About a month ago, I stumbled upon Perfectly Posh products at a fair. I had never tried anything from the line! I tried a few samples and purchased a Hand Creme.
This Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme was amazing.  It was so much richer the any lotiin I have found that doesn't have lanolin or petro product. Definitely not the watered down feeling you get from the nail industries hand lotions.  The best part- I got online and started researching to company. Its not just the BFYHC but all their products and natural and safe to use with acrylics and gel nail services and make your skin feel fantastic. You no longer have to wash your hands after rich body butters to prevent you nails from lifting!
I havent even started on the scents! But good golly!

Here is a little about the company:
*Pampering products Made in the USA
*Gentle, natural ingredients
*No parabens, paraffins, sulfates, lanolin, or fillers
*Lots of natural butters and essential oils
*Many vegan options
*No animal testing
*Use Essential Oil
*Flat rate shipping

I also like the clever names, cute packaging, and overall marketing of the product itself so I have decided to not only use in the salon but to sell it.

I am addicted to the Big Gat Yummy Hand Creme, Chunk Soap and face masks now.
You need to check out Perfectly Posh and since I know your love it I have a few incentives!

Buy 5 Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme  or any other products and get your 6th free. Just add the 6 and at checkout one will be priced at $0.00. (Some low stock scents not included)
Also check here for a great giveaway!

         JennLoves Posh To Meet You Giveaway

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