Saturday, November 23, 2013

To each their own

Do you like clean classic lines, and simple accented frenchies?  Or do you love funky bright patterns and hand painted scenes of a unique one of a kind mani?

I admit, I am easy to please.  I love simple color blocking or designs of all 10 or with a single variation on one nail on myself.  Honestly, I will lean this way with most consultations too.

I don't get paid to do my nails though and I kept that mind when I did a set of nails the other night and was allowed to experiment a little with the art. I asked if I could do a little something bright and pretty but clean and and not to crazy for work.

She's 20, attached and on a job hunt.  I thought this was just funky enough with the purple tips and gold lining. It wasn't distracting and the colors looked beautiful together.  I loved it, and I thought she would too. 
She hated it! Like seriously hated it. I was thing it looked a bit Pleasant Hill Rooster (close high school), but she saw Blue Springs Wildcats. Her high schools rivals and she wasn't about to wear those colors. She wanted something brighter and more out there, and she had a design and colors in
Here is her own creative idea.
A diagonal manicure in alternation bright pink and blue with black lining.
She loved them. I said, "They look a kind of late 80's early 90's.".  She said, "Exactly!". She knew exactly what she wanted. They weren't anything I would sport but they weren't my nails and this girl rocked them. She got what she wanted and I was more thrilled she was happy then I cared if I loved the work. They made her feel good, and I was did them. That's what mattered to me. To each their own, especially if they are going to own it like her. And she did, 'keep it clean', even her language.

What are your favorite nail designs? And does your nail tech do a good job of listening to what you want?

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  1. i really like the second nail look! while i wouldn't choose it for myself either, the execution is really great!

    jenn @ hello, rigby!