Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ivy Vines, Visions by Judy Serrano Blog Tour Review

Ivy Vine, Visions
                 by Judy Serrano
I was given this book to review by the author and CM Book Tours for my honest opinion.

This book was enthralling. No Joke. As soon as I picked Ivy Vines, Visions up, I couldn't put it down. It was like nothing I've ever read. I love all things paranormal especially those that tinker around in biblical dogma, but Judy Serrano took it to a whole other level. This deserves at least 5 stars.

I love to read but seldom do I find a book that I am so immersed in. Like watching the most captivating movie in my own head. I usually liken books to other books, but Ivy Vines got me where the movie The Order, did. You know, the one with Heath Ledger. And it had Heath Ledger going for it too. So, that is saying something.

While we get glimpses of Ivy Vine's early life, we meet her as she is trying to start a new life away from her home town that has so many bad memories, and trying to start over in Sedona. Ivy believed God had answered her prayer and taken away her gift or curse if you want call it like you see it. She was moving to a safe and comfortable place where her best friend and high school sweetheart had gone away to college. She'd have her best friend back and was getting back together with the beautiful Michael.

Ivy has a new job, a new home with Simone but as soon as she thought she could relax she met Eli, their dark, sexy and no so nice boss Eli. As soon as he touched Ivy she had a vision again. A vision of them. They were together. He could be her Guardian or the Devil himself.

Ivy isn't the only one with a gift. She was wrong about being safe in Sedona, and she was wrong about who she could trust. She hadn't escaped him. He had taken her parents away, and he was going to have her, or kill her. Lucifer wanted her, and it was up to her new caretakers to keep her safe. No matter what that meant.

Judy Serrano grips you from the start, but doesn't stop there. She sends you on a roller coaster of emotion with Ivy as she becomes stronger and grows with her gifts and new knowledge. After a ride like this and high expectations, the ending doesn't let you down. I'm still reeling that I have now more to read. I can't wait to read the book from Judy, and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense of any kind.

You can find more reviews of Ivy Vines, Visions by Judy Serrano on Blog Tour on CM BOOK TOURS, HERE. You can pick up your own Paperback or Kindle copy on Amazon or Paperback or Nook at Barnes and Noble.


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  2. Ivy Vines, Vision looks like a really nice book and you've described it as a book that can take you into the story and capture your attention with the story lines.