Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OPI Brazil Bolds

This week I swatched the Bright from OPI's Brazil collection.


I have mixed feelings about these two bold colors from the 2014 Brazil Collection from OPI.  I'm not a usual wearer of dark or bold colors, but I like both of these colors at first glance.

 Red Hot Rio is a pretty middle of the road red. It's not a cool a red as I would wear but not too orange, for me to give it a try. But...I swear I have a bad bottle. It was so runny and we all know the consistency of mass produced polish. It's amazing. That's why I still use it at work. It is a high quality brand and I have never been let down by it's application until now. It was running into my cuticles well after I had moved on to my next nail. If that was it, I could clean it up as I had to do repeatedly to do.. It also had really poor coverage. I am guess from the same mixing problems. I did the teal first and as lazy as I am I didn't do the best job taking it off. After 2 coats of a supposed opaque OPI polish i could still see the dark teal under my nails. I am a big baby and I admit I am holding against this color.

           Red Hot Rio

Amazon…Amazoff is a gorgeous deep blue-green(Teal). Right up my alley! ;) This one did not disappoint. It went on beautifully and I wish I didn't have reflections on each nail making it not look so smooth. This is bold color but really looks good on any complexion. It's not too dark and even though not a conservative color doesn't look out of place even on a professional.

I had real mixed feeling after swatching these today. On more push towards Indie Brands........
Have you ever had a bad bottle of big brand polish? Let me know you experiences in the comments please!
Friday I will do the Brazil favorite of the bunch. And maybe I'll get to post about the gels if they EVER come in.
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  1. That Amazon....Amazoff is AMAZING on you! I think I'll need to buy it soon!