Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Nail Art Challenge

Please join me for In Love and Lacquer's Valentines Nail Art Challenge this week!!

I am pretty excited about this Challenge.  I love doing nail art and I love seeing other peoples work. And I love Valentines Day.

*When customers come in and have a little something on their nails they did at home they always apologize and put their work down. That kills me. Usually it's pretty cute and I love that they are trying it for themselves. Some times it gives me inspiration. I love it. I want to be inspired by you and hopefully inspire you a little too, In Love and Lacquer's Nail Art Challenges.

**For my nail art challenges I will give a theme, and through the week post my interpretations of the theme in nail art designs. The Challenge is for you, my lovely readers, to use the theme yourselves to create your own nail art designs on your hands or a friends, take a quick picture of the nails and message it to me on Facebook or email it to me at I will post all the art on our Facebook page in an Album for our Challenges. I will then pick my 3 favorites and a Facebook follower favorite(chosen my our fans) and feature them in a blog post and on Facebook.
Please email or message me your pictues by Thursday Feb 13th before midnight.

Without further ado, Our Second In Love and Lacquer Nail Art Challenge Theme is............................

To Heart or not to Heart! 

This Week The Challenge is to make two different Valentines Manicures, One with Heart, and One with heart on it at all.
Please send pictures of both manicures at the same time. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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