Monday, February 24, 2014

OPI Brazil Neutrals

This weekend I swatched the OPI Brazil Neutral colors.

These are by far my favorite group of colors for OPI's Brazil Collection this year. I am a little obsessed with neutrals and nudes right now as it is, but these colors are gorgeous.

I can't wait the the Gel Polish in this collection to come in.

Next Stop.....The Bikini Zone

Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Taupe-less Beach
I San Paulo Over There
Have you worn these or any of the Brazil collection yet? Have you done any art yet with them?


  1. I haven't gotten any of the Brazil collection yet but I do hope to get Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and Taupe-less Beach! Out of the entire Brazil collection, I like the neutrals the best. =)

  2. i just picked up 4 brazils last week. love em!

  3. Brazils look so great, But I like NEVER wear neutrals love bright

  4. I Haven't had the opportunity to get any of them yet... But would love to :)

  5. I'm a sucker for neutrals.. just obsessed with the subtle beautiful colors!

  6. I've never used an OPI, I'm dying to try some of their polish. I think Just Can’t Cope-acabana would look good for spring and summer. It's a bright, sunny colour.

  7. I love don't Bossa Nova Me Around

  8. These nail polishes are sooo cool! I love all of them! Great post