Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3D Nail ART

3D Nail ART

Sculpted nails used to be synonymous with Acrylic nails. Now it's a whole new world or nail art that can start with you sculpting acrylic but not just into pretty natural looking nail shapes. Sculpted nails are now taking Nail Art to the next level. Acrylic manufacturers have developed slower setting acyclic products with lower viscosity to allow nail artists to sculpt beautiful creation on the nail bed.


 Flowers to pop art, you can find all kinds of amazing examples. Some are just subtle and surprising when your realize the design is in 3D. Some are stunning and wild, and hard to believe people can function with them on. 

But in the ever more elaborate nail art world,  Dhemere Ford and Sarah C. Awad, two NYU art students, calling themselves The Laser Girls are producing the easiest and coolest sculpted nail art in a press-on. Yes! A press on! "It seemed like every aspect of fashion was being 3D printing is being used in anything, and now thanks to these brilliant young women it's come to our world!!  Celebrities and fashion designer have using over the top 3D nail art to make a statement on the runways for a while. These girls are making the big statement available to everyone, everywhere. 


 I am out of my mind enthralled with this idea. Check them out on tumblr or at their shop!


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  1. Just wondering....can you use the sculpting acrylic on non acrylic nails?