Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gel polish and Acrylics care tips and a mini OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers Review

Do you wear gel polish like Shellac, OPI Gel Polish, Gelish? Acrylic or gel nails?  Do you ever have problems with your gel polish peeling off early, or the acrylic or gel lifting (when your extension product starts to separate from your nail be)?

The problem might be how your caring for your hands and prepping for your services, not with the product or your nail tech.

The first culprit to look at is your hand & body lotions.  Products that contain mineral oil, lanolin and petroleum-based ingredients can cause lifting.  It's a fact, that has been know by the industry for years and why companies like OPI, CND and Tammy Taylor all developed and manufacture their own hand and body lotions that don't contain those ingredients.  It's such an old discovery it isn't talked about much anymore because it's a given.  Mineral oil, lanolin and petroleum-based ingredients soak into your skin and then can work back out threw your nail and skin, since they are not permanently absorbed by our body.  They are used just to seal in the moisture so it can soak in.  That stuff gets between the product and your nail and separate the two.

Your nail tech may never have told you because they may assume if you've worn overlays then you have been told by your old nail techs. As a practice I tell all my first time overlay clients and they can tell me they already know. I don't want to take any chances and want my clients to love their nails from the moment I am finished until they walk back in for a fill or reapplication in two weeks.

You can still use you normal body lotions, just be sure wash your hands well immediately afterward so it doesn't soak in and use a nail service safe product like OPI's Avojuice, or CND's Scentations on your hands. They a quick to absorb and contain mostly moisture and don't leave a slick or greasy feeling from the mineral oil, lanolin and petroleum-based ingredients. I know they don't feel as covered or rich.....but that isn't moisture like other brands want you to believe , it's a coating.  Even Lubriderm and Eucerin have those, but that is really what they are for. They are more to protect and seal then moisturize.

The other big factor can be what you do in the hour before your nail service appointment.  For acrylic, gel polish, and any overlay service besides standard polish you shouldn't be getting your nails soaked.  That should only be done for non gel manicures and pedicures.  You should come to your appointment having washed hands and scrubbed nails in creases and under nail with a nail brush and giving them ample time to thoroughly dry out your nail.  Do not put on lotion or oils after washing.  Your nail tech should sell brushes for less then $2 or if not you can by buy at any beauty store or even target and Walmart have so sort of nail brush in their health and beauty sections.

You just want your nails as clean and oil free as they can be before we apply your gel polish or acrylic.

Hopefully, you can use these tips and your acrylic and gel applications will be more beautiful longer and your nail tech will be that mush happier to see you when you come back in.  Well maintained services are easier and quicker to fill or maintain by her.

If your going to go find a nail safe lotion, I highly recommend OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers.  They come in a huge variety of scents, so good, I often call them flavors.  They have a few scents they keep year round but always have new ones to try.  Avojuice is a great fresh feeling moisture that doesn't have a lot of fillers and mineral oil, lanolin and petroleum-based products that can wreak havoc on a beautiful nail job.

OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers are pretty reasonable for a professional product you can buy for home. It can be found at all quality beauty supplies stores like Beauty Brands and should be available from your local Nail Tech.

If you need more protection on your cuticles and fingertips, don't go for that thick greasy lotion. Apply a light application of OPI Avoplex or CND Solar Oil.Both amazingly protective and softening but also a natural protectant.


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