Monday, December 9, 2013

I found a swatcher and a mini review of two OPI holiday colors!!

I am so excited to say that I found a beautiful swatcher this weekend.  I sort of lucked into her too. She has gorgeous nails.  She is a young, college student and is really open to try whatever I have.  Now, I can start doing swatches and taking pictures for reviews that can really showcase the lacquers and polish.  So there won't be as many of these bad cuticles and stubby things!

This by the way, is OPI's Teal me how chic I am, with one light coat of Glitterchic over it and Seche topcoat.  The Teal me how chic I am is really a pretty color that looks good with any skin tone.  It just wasn't as shiny as I liked even with the glitter polish over.  It has sort of a brushed chrome finish even after the second coat.  The Glitterchic is the most covering glitter polish I have ever seen with one coat.
I really liked this combination when I tried it on one nail.  After I did the full mani with it, I have been having second thoughts.  It really reminds me of a Christmas tree, and it's a bit much for me.  My pictures do not do the Glitterchic justice.
Both Teal me how chic I am and Glitterchic are OPI Holiday Polish sold exclusively at Beauty Brands.

Have you been wearing anyone holiday polish? What brand and color? I'd love to see some pictures on the Facebook page.

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