Monday, January 13, 2014

Review and Interview of Indie Brand Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer maker

 Meet the Maker

The word "Indie" means an independently owned business/brand.  In the world of nail lacquer these brands are mostly developed, produced and marketed by an individual or small group of friends or family.  Other brands are still called Indie but are owned and operated by one person, but the polishes are made in a lab. Usually because they have become more successful a business then can be maintained in a basement, garage or extra bedroom. They are not mass marketed, mass produced outside of their founders control and design.
This week, my first of many I hope, I would like to spotlight a truly Independent Nail Lacquer brand/maker Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer.

Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer is owned and produced by 25 year old Cherish Furr, and named for her late mother. Cherish is supported in her passion by her Fiance with techie and marketing help and from her brother who she may call on to help develop names for polish and the like. Starting with name and creating the polish from there, Cherish produces her polish as an outlet for her creativity. While working a full time job and working to complete her business degree she has sold almost 300 bottle of polish in the first 11 months of Shirley Ann Polish. That's right an Anniversary is around the corner.

With School, Work, Dominick (a Queensland Heeler) and Molly Mae (a black Lab) underfoot and a least one new polish released each month this Small patch Indie nail polish maker was kind enough to take a moment and answer a few questions for me.......Not mention let me get a few early bottles of her New Valentines Day Duo, released TODAY, so that I can do an interview and review the day of it's release. XOXO

Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer started with it's first color Alaskan Tree Frog and currently has 25 nail lacquer colors and glitters available on Etsy at shirleyannnails, including Cherish's own favorite, Sea Glass.

It takes a lot of drive and desire to start, not just your own business, but your own business producing and selling your own creations. Like other artists Indie Polish makers are craftsmen who pour their heart and soul into each bottle the make. I am excited to try and review Shirley Ann Nail Lacquers and work with a quality hand made product. I definitely share in her ideals of supporting peoples dreams and not spending my money on million dollar corporations if I can help it.

                                                                                                                                        Sea Glass

ShirleyAnn Nail Lacquer's Valentine's Day Duo lacquer review

Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer released their 2014 Valentine's Day Nail Lacquer Duo TODAY, and I received a couple of sets in time to try them out on myself.  I swatched them alone and together.

                Forever Yours                                                                Icing on my Heart
Forever yours is a glitter topper with white, red, and pink tones of large glitter pieces, fine pink over all and a less common pink bow. There is really good coverage with the fine pink glitter even with one coat. Being that glitter polishes that need 3-4 coats for more then a few pieces of glitter is a pet peeve of mine, I was a happy girl.  The larger pieces were plentiful and easy to find a strategically place where I wanted.  It's a really pretty combination of colors shapes. I really liked this glitter.
Icing on my Heart is noted as a white with Red shift. I would describe it to the layman as ever very lightly opaque white with a pink and gold shimmer. It's not the all to common opal white everyone has, and it's beautiful. Which is just another reason to check out Indie brands like Shirley Ann. I swatched it alone with 2 coats and it still had a bit of sheer to it.

Together these to lacquers helped me create the perfect Valentine's Day manicure.
I used 3 coats of Icing on my Heart as the base which really made a solid white shimmer I loved. I topped it with the Forever Yours glitter for a clean fresh and delicately romantic look.  I didn't get a good picture but my Valentines' Day Duo came with a good amount of extra pink bow glitter that I used to perfectly place bows on the tips of my thumb nails.

The polish went of beautifully and was so glad to see they use a flat brush. I was very impressed with all aspects of these polishes. I am not a glitter fan for the most part and don't use many but even the glitter was impressive. I wish I could have had more of the larger pieces but honestly, usually I am the one saying they are too chunky.

I am just getting to know the Indie polish market and it's brand but I am already won over by Shirley Ann's Nail Lacquer. I highly recommend trying the colors and glitters. I plan to try more of her polish in the very near future for my own use.

In addition to the Valentine's Day Duo I  got to review for this post I also got myself another set to GIVEAWAY to one of my lucky readers!!! Keep a look out for the Giveaway to include the polish and a $20 paypal credit to shop Shirley Ann if you'd like.

Besides the Etsy Shop, you can find Shirley Ann Nail lacquer info on her Facebook page and Instagram @shirleyannnaillacquer. Follow hers and my Instagram @inloveandlacquer and  my Facebook pages for updates and my Shirley Ann Valentine's Day Duo/PayPal Giveaway!

Thank you so much, Cherish, for all your help and time given for this post to support my interest in Indie polish.

 This interview, review and future giveaway was self-sponsored  by In Love and Lacquer and in no way did I receive any payment or product to facilitate it. I did a little research, picked an Indie brand from that and recommendations purchased the product and discussed the brand and product with owner of my own choosing.


  1. Those colors are lovely! I'm heading over to check out her etsy shop now! ~ Jen @ Gracious Luck

  2. I don't do the nail polish thing because I do so much with my hands and can't grow long nails. Lately though, I have been considering it. My nails have been doing better. I think getting more sun and wearing gloves has helped alot. I love that Icing one. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  3. I wear blue so much that I instantly gravitated to the Sea Glass but when I saw how soft and feminine the Icing on my Heart is I fell in love with it! Thanks for the chance!♥

  4. Ooooh! I love the colors they offer!! I also love to support small businesses, so if I happen to get back into painting my nails, I am definitely going to check her out more!

  5. Sea Glass is gorgeous and Icing on my Heart has a glow about it that I really like even though light colors aren't usually my thing.

  6. I like all the polishes. Candy Coated Poison is my favorite followed closely by Sea Glass.

  7. They have such pretty colours! Love the Knot-Knot in such gorgeous shades of purple!

  8. I always love indie polishes and I wish I had the budget to buy them and support the people that make them. Hopefully one day... LoL

  9. I love how unique each polish is and how creative and personal the names are behind each one. I immediately love 'When the Ball Drops'!

  10. I love the Sea Glass. Perfect for the season!

  11. I Love icing on my heart. It's so delicate and girly

  12. I'm working on growing out my nails so I have an excuse to buy more polishes!

  13. I love the Sea Glass lacquer - and how sweet that she named her company after her mom!

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