Friday, January 24, 2014

My Challenge Manicures

This weeks theme:


My first Nail Art Challenge Manicure!!

I love to Read!
I used OPI's Funny Bunny as a base with 3 coats.  Then I used 5 small pieces of newsprint and for each nail sock the paper in alcohol until it was saturated then, pressed into nail for 5-7 seconds. I accented the nails with a single read heart with Nubar's nail art pen Rubies.

Catching Fire

I tried to do this manicure based on Katniss' dress in Catching fire that was black like coal and then slowly spiraled into flames . I used Onyx Rush by Maybelline as the base then in progression added OPI Red, Pure Ice Coral Reef, Sally Hensens Diamonds, and Nubars nail art pen in Rubies and 14K a little more around the nail with each nail until the pinkie nail was all Fire. Not the neatest job but I really like the idea. Someone do this better please!!


  1. I'm still learning how to do nail art, I don't have very many tools or supplies but I try with what I have, I have a lot of mess ups and some turn outs, I'm still trying to find the best acrylic paint to use and the best way to use polish forsome of the designs without it cclumping up on me, I keep trying and I know one day I will get it :)

  2. I really love the "I love to read" I am going to try it very very soon. I love the idea of using print and transferring it on to my nails, most of my pictures pictures I would like to share with you are what I have done on my own nails, I am scared of sharing cause I'm still new at it and I'm scared people will be mean about it cause they won't be perfect but I want to share and get some feed back and some help if I can. :)

    1. Share! I have been doing nails for 20 years. Some of the best stuff I came up with is from then.

  3. You are very creative. I'm 40 and new to the indie polish game and nail art. My biggest thing so far is just one nail another color. I'm learning though, and blogs like yours are nice to read and learn things. Thank you.