Thursday, January 9, 2014

Who gets nail art done, really?- Nail ART 101 For clients

Nail ART 101-For clients

Every so often I have a client in the chair that asks me, "Do people really get nail art done?".  My first thought to that is, "Are all my clients hermits??".  I look over at my coworker and wonder if she knows hers are all gloving up as they leave.....

I know that's not the case but I think when I ask people if they want nail art, they immediately think of the long bright nails on our salon magazine covers with 3D bows and dangling Navy anchors or pearl strands.  For example:
January 2014 Nailpro Cover by Max Estrada
That's a lot to take in, and it's not even one the more out there designs we see on our industries magazines and even shows.  But that's not all nail art is.
Nail art runs that gamete from crazy sculpted creations like Max Estrada's design on this month's cover of Nailpro Magazine to the simple pink and white French manicure that your sweet Mimi has worn since your mom was little.   Most people think of the Frenchie as less done then polish but it is in fact nail art. Some of my favorite nail art manicures are different French designs.
  Web Image search of 'Nail Art' produced these and hundreds more.*
There is so much and so little you can do to spice of your nails a bit.  They don't have to be all over the place and catching your clothing.  They can be! And I'd LOVE to plan something out with someone! =))

If you are interested in the bolder stuff but hesitant to do your whole hand, find as wild an design as you could wear and do it on one finger or two and match a solid color polish to the other nails.  A bold design on the index and ring fingers only is my current favorite format.

If you want something simple start with a single swirl or stripe on all 10 nails.  Really simple on 1 nails seems like a safe idea, but usually look like you thought about it and quit.

While writing this I decided I should do a quick little project of my own for the post, on my winter wrecked nails.  What do you think? Simple and I loved it because it was quickly done while I was finding images and writing this post.

If your curious at all about having some nail art done, ask you nail tech to show you her designs.  If you like her skills, ask her to try a couple ideas, you two come up with, and have them on swatch for you to see next time you come in.  I'd be glad to plan ahead so much, so my client leaves in love with her nails and I am sure your girl would too.

*None of these nail art images are from my clients or myself. You will find them in the top 100 images on bing images if you search Nail Art, January 9th 2014.


  1. I use to get nail art done on my nails all the time before I had kids!!! I loved it and people were always complimenting me on my nails... I sure do miss that :)

  2. Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. gorgeous - now i gotta get some nails to grow! :D

  4. I have never had my nails done! Those are some beautiful nails!

  5. I like the design you chose and actually it goes with the upcoming Valentine Holiday! I would do something like that like you did but I would not go all out like some of the other photos! My girls would though! lol

  6. Nail art can be very cute, and they send out a very positive and fun image. There are a lot of fantastic nail art on the web, and most of the time they're just done by themselves. Anyway, I like your nail art, it is simple, yet very chic. Thanks for sharing this with us, Kelly. Have a great day!

    Nathaniel Holt @ Detail Woman